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Buteyko Breathing Method

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Surely illnesses for which the medical remedy was surgery and / or extensive medication, could not be dealt with simply by a change in breathing! Yet this was exactly what Professor Buteyko demonstrated”

Patrick McKeown, Asthma Free

Clinical studies show that people with various health problems over-breathe, and that few of us breathe healthily, according to the established medical norm.

Professor Buteyko’s discovery is one of the great medical discoveries of all time.  He found a link between our breathing and many illnesses which are on the increase in recent years, ranging from niggling problems like a blocked nose to life-threatening diseases.

Chronic, ‘hidden’ hyperventilation can affect any system: respiratory, muscular, neurological, cardiovascular, gastro-intestinal, hormonal.

“The deeper the breathing, the less the amount of oxygen delivered to the tissues” 

Dr. K.P. Buteyko (1923 – 2003)

When we breathe heavily, the organs, tissues and cells of the body actually get less oxygen, not more.  On this course, you will be given various techniques to reduce your breathing to a normal level.

As the Method is practiced, you can expect symptoms to clear and to feel different physically and mentally – a sign that your organism is restoring itself.  You may find that you sleep more soundly, have more energy, are less susceptible to flu and virus, or other effects.

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Some conditions helped by the Buteyko Method:

Asthma, rhinitis, hay fever, breathlessness, coughing, bronchitis, recurrent colds and chest infections, weak immune system

Headache, anxiety, panic attacks, fatigue, disturbance of concentration and memory, racing mind, light-headedness, ‘brain fog’, tinnitus

Insomnia, nightmares, snoring, sleep apnoea, allergies, eczema, food intolerances, IBS, heartburn, hemorrhoids, constipation, indigestion, other digestive disorders

Hypertension, palpitations, chest wall pains, poor circulation, hormonal disturbances, menstrual problems, muscle cramps

Kids: bed-wetting, ADHD, asthma

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 “Hyperventilation presents a collection of bizarre and often apparently unrelated symptoms, which may affect any part of the body, or any organ or any system.”

Claude Lum, cardiologist

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