Workshops & Events

  • Summer Lunch July 2021

  • Our Charity 2019 - Elephants

Summer Lunch 2021

Date to be confirmed

Every year we have a lunch and get-together in the garden, or in the Yoga Room if it’s raining.


Do come along with family / friends / kids, and bring something vegetarian to share – whether cooked, raw, salad, fruit, dessert…


From 11 am – 12 pm we’ll have a session of Kirtan (chanting) and a silent meditation.  There will be chairs, and cushions on the floor.  All are welcome, including children, who may enjoy rattling a tambourine or some bells.


Or just come at 12 for lunch!

Our Charity 2019

In 2019 we managed to raise £2500 for Asian elephants.


We have donated £1000 to World Animal Protection – to raise awareness worldwide of the plight of these animals, who suffer greatly for tourism, street begging and logging.


We have donated £1500 to Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand, a sanctuary for rescued elephants, where they can live the rest of their days, free from fear and cruelty.