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We are so happy to be able to invite you back to classes here at the Centre

Here are some guidelines to ensure your safety


Come on in!

We’ll open up 15 minutes before class starts, and provide hand sanitizer as you come in

Please observe a safe distance from others as you come in, and go straight to your mat.  We need to have a strict one-person-only policy in the narrow inner hallway and around the loo

Shoes can be lined up in the inner hall as usual; wait for the person before you to remove their shoes before entering (pinch point!)

We shall not be providing blankets, blocks or straps.  Please bring your own mat to lie on, blanket to cover during yoga nidra and any other equipment you may need

Bring only essential belongings and keep coats etc. in a bag near your mat, away from other people’s belongings

Bring your own water bottle

Using the loo: please observe the one-student-in-the-hall-at-a-time rule

Do not come to class if you feel unwell

Phone us if you feel unwell up to four days after coming to class and if this happens, we will contact everyone who was in the class with you to ask them to self-isolate for 14 days

Please inform us if you are unable to attend a class so that someone else can take your place – maximum 5

We won’t be doing any hands-on assists or adjustments except for your safety, or first aid

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